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Our People

Our People

Our employees are by far our most important asset. We care about their health and wellbeing, and endeavour to provide the best possible work environment for all.

We invest in our employees, continuously training and developing them so that they can have the skills needed to maintain high quality standards throughout our operations. We are committed to offering wages and benefits competitive with industry standards, and because retaining key talent is a priority for us, we focus on promoting from within.

Health and Safety

Keeping our employees safe and healthy is a priority. Our goal is to establish and maintain standards for our facilities and equipment to minimize and eliminate workplace hazards where possible, to ensure the health and safety of our employees, and to develop safe work practices, procedures and remaining conducive to a safe and healthy workplace. Adherence, dedication and ownership from each of us, at all levels, are key ingredients in making this recipe a success.


We are committed to building a work environment where all workers are treated fairly with dignity and respect. This means we: 

  • Build effective working relationships where differences are respected
  • Are open and constructive in our communications
  • Prevent actions of harassment, bullying and other negative and demeaning behaviours in the workplace
  • Do not tolerate any type of harassment or discrimination based on protected grounds, such as race, colour, national origin, marital status, disability, age, pregnancy, sexual preference, religious or political conviction.
  • Apply a fair, consistent and thorough process to deal with incidents