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Foodservice - Cheddars

We have a wide range of qualities Cheddars to suit the needs of customers and consumers. Baking, Melting, Topping….or on a cheese board, our products cover all occasions and usages.

Great Everyday Cheese - Block and Sliced

COON® Cheese is available in Block, Sliced and Shredded

COON® Swiss Block, Baguette and Sandwich Slices

COON® and Cracker Barrel®* Portions

Shred Range

COON® Thick and Tasty

COON® Aussie Jack

Fred Walker® Tasty

Warrnambool™ Tasty

Speciality Cheddars

Cracker Barrel®* Gold Release

Warrnambool Mature and Vintage

Warrnambool™ Vintage Club

Warrnambool™ Red and Black Waxed

Warrnambool Heritage Cheddars™ Range

Warrnambool™ Colby

Warrnambool™ Tasty

Warrnambool™ Extra Tasty

Warrnambool™ Vintage

Maple and Toffee Club

Smoked Club

Vintage Club

Red Bell Pepper Club

* Trademark used under license.