A choice of two pricing options - the highest paying option guaranteed

WCB has two pricing options that allow suppliers to pursue the payment structure most suited to their farm business.

1. Seasonal Supply Option
The seasonal supply option provides strong milk prices and cashflows for farmers with a more traditional milk production and calving pattern. This option may suit farmers with a majority of spring milk production.


2. Flat Supply Option
The flat supply option recognises the commitment and value of milk supplied to WCB out of season. The flat supply option includes a flat supply incentive in the February to July period to qualifying farmers. This option may suit suppliers with relatively flat production across the year.


Suppliers nominate their preferred system at the start of the year, BUT if at the end of the financial year, the other system proves higher, WCB will pay the difference!

So suppliers are guaranteed to end up with the highest paying option.

Cashflow a priority

WCB is committed to delivering earnings and cashflow straight into their suppliers' pockets.

All incentives are paid in the months that they are earned. Where incentives are dependent on annual production, an up-front incentive amount is paid each month, based on the farm's production history for the previous two years, with an adjustment made at the end of the financial year.